Beurer LA 30

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Beurer Aroma diffuser LA 30

Fresh air, a natural aroma and light – the perfect well-being combination for your home. The Beurer aroma diffuser now provide that additional feel-good atmosphere.


  • Micro-fine ultrasonic atomisation
  • For water-soluble aromatic oils
  • With illuminated colour change function – atomisation with light and without light possible
  • Quiet: can also be used in the bedroom
  • Low-energy: only 12 watts
  • Highly safe operation via 24-volt low voltage
  • Suitable for rooms up to approx. 15 m² or in close proximity of the user
  • Capacity bottle: 100 ml
  • Automatic switch-off if bottle is empty
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes 24V mains adapter


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